BlogVault Discount: Get Exclusive Coupon and Review

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BlogVault Discount

Overview and Features of the BlogVault

Security should be one of the main concerns of the website owners because the web contents can be damaged due to several reasons if the protection facility is not provided to those. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of the web contents is to create and store the backups of these. The BlogVault is very popular WordPress backup service all over the world and it offers so many features to create and store the backups of your WordPress sites. Enjoy all the BV features with our discount. The BlogVault coupon is going to be really helpful.

Major Features of This Service

The BlogVault can be considered as one of the best ways for migrating the WordPress sites very easily. If you want to migrate your WordPress sites by unsafe manners, different contents can be damaged and the URLs can be broken. But if you do such job with the help of the Blog Vault then you will be able to do that without any type of harms. The important thing is this migration system is totally hustle free and needs very little time to be completed. After creating the backups of web contents with the help of the BlogVault, you will be able to restore the backups anytime you want. Even you will be able to restore your websites very easily, if the hackers or the cyber criminals do any harm to those sites. Auto-restore facility is one of the main advantages of the BlogVault service. That means it can restore the targeted websites automatically to its previous state.


Sometimes, it can be seen that the website owners make messes the website or web contents while developing themes and then they cannot turn their websites back to the previous stage. The BlogVault will let you do this difficult task very easily. So many companies lose their web contents even after creating the backups because the hackers and cyber criminals can get the contents and damage those from the backup locations. But the BV will ensure the high class security to the backups so that no content will be damaged by any means. This WordPress backup service will memorize the histories of the website backups up to 30 days. No matter what is the size of the database of your WordPress site, the BlogVault will be able to handle the contents with equal efficiency.

Attractive BlogVault Discount and Pricing

Three different plans are offered for the BlogVault. The Basic plan is suitable of the individual bloggers and it can be used for one WordPress site only. The Price of this plan is $9 per month without any kind of promo code according to 22 September 2014. The cost of the Plus plan is only $19/month and it is suitable for backing up 3 different websites. If you want to use this backup service for 7 different WordPress sites, then you can choose the Pro plan and its price is $39/month as of 22 September 2014.

Therefore, get the WP backup and security tool with our coupon. We hope that the BlogVault discount is going to impress you.