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Reviews of this Plugin

Blankpager lets users create their own magnificent websites with their WordPress plugin and provided templates. With no complications whatsoever the software can be used by users from all professions. There is no need for the users to learn any coding skills or technical work in order to use this plugin. It is really easy to use and its interface is super user friendly. To get started with the program, user has to follow just 2 steps which takes less than a few minutes. So, please take advantage the excellent wordpress plugin software with coupon and obtain Blankpager discount.

The user has to simply insert their desired template and edit it before releasing their website for their activity. With hundreds of customization options and really nifty features, this is a product everyone should purchase. Not to mention Blankpager comes at a really affordable price for everyone.

Features of the Program

Blankpager has drag and drop solution feature allowing users’ to insert layout on their website. They also provide editing feature which enables users to edit content. Hundreds of ready-made templates are available for the user to use. All of these templates are also categorized to ease the process. There are templates for business, for selling products and for simply contacting with the users’ company. Templates involve click and insert feature enabling users to use it as a part of a section or mobile button.

Blankpager coupon

Blankpager also features live preview which lets users see their customized website before making it global. Search Engine Optimization feature is also available and can be installed from the dashboard on the tool. There is also a variety of widget available for the user which can be used for even more responsive experience. Customizations such as a text effect lets users to add in a unique style to their header.

Benefits of the Tool

Users have no restriction on the amount of web layout they get to create. All features and templates are hard coded so that it works across all devices. The application is compatible with desktop, mobile phones and even tablets. Templates provided can be used to make buying buttons or any other shortcut button for apps and such. Blankpager is known to work along with any themes that are out there. This eliminates the users’ need to install any extra plugins for it to work. When it comes to licensing there is no need for the user to pay any extra cash.

Developer license is already provided with the purchase of the tool.  Free updates are provided to keep the users’ website up to date with the latest technological changes. With no complications whatsoever This tool can be used by users from all professions. To seal the deal there is also a video guide provided the help users with their activity while using WP plugin.

Price of Blankpager and Coupon

Blankpager can be purchased at a price of $39.90. So purchase with Blankpager coupon. Please get the fantastic wordpress plugin software with discount.