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Automize coupon

Summary and Overview of the Automize

Some amazing automation solutions are offered by the Hitek Software. This reliable company never charges excessive money for the products. One of the products of it is very much popular and that is the Automize. It can be considered as the automation suite which includes several important programs. But the good thing is according to the features, the price of this one is very impressive. If you liked the overview of Automize, then get the product at a low cost with the coupon. To have this discount on Automize, no additional coupon code required. That is why it can be highly recommended to everybody. Some amazing features of this are:

Convenient Task Scheduler

The standard features of this product are the similar as those of the other task scheduler tools. You can use this to create schedules for various tasks. That means the time of executing any task can be set by this tool. So it can automatically run and close other programs or software in your computer. Sometimes, it may be necessary to get the email notifications for the scheduled tasks. Automize will send you those notifications accurately. Another important thing about this tool is it can execute batch programs at the same time. That means, it can save the valuable time. Automize is a cross platform tool. That means, it can be run on Windows, Linux and MacOSX. Downloading is one of the most common tasks we do every day. In some cases, you may need to download the files time wise. For that, you can choose this product. It can complete the download tasks hourly, daily or monthly. After downloading the documents, it can print those by maintaining the schedules.

Coupon Code & Pricing of This Product

Standard and Enterprise are the two types of licenses of the Automize. When this review had been made, the price of the Standard Edition of this product was $249.95 without including the coupon. On the other hand, the cost for the Enterprise edition was only $349.95. There are reasons why the cost for the Enterprise edition is higher than that of the Standard one. If you will purchase this powerful version, you will enjoy all the features of the Standard version. Additionally, the XML, PGM and SFTP modules have been included in this. Various other scripting modules have made this product more powerful. That is why, for both editions of the Automize, pricing has been set reasonably.

Some Advanced Features

The Enterprise edition of the Automize has some advanced features. The FTP commands should be executed sequentially. This product will do this task finely. Similarly the XML tasks can be handled by this. It will provide perfect looping and monitoring systems for the XML. Encryption and decryption facilities for the PGP will be offered by the Automize. This amazing tool of the Hitek Software has the directory tree monitoring program. You can use this for setting up the schedule reminders and alarms. It can also help you to run the tasks from other programs by the task runner program.

So, get the product with the Automize coupon in order to avail its services at a cut price. We are looking forward to see you enjoy the discount.