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AutoKrypt Coupon

AutoKrypt – The Automatic Encryption Solution

There are so many software companies in the world. All of those companies do not provide the same type of products obviously. They are still trying to offer something new to the computer and mobile phone users all over the world. Hitek Software is a company which has provided some amazing automation software solutions. It is fact that the number of products of this company is very little. But if you consider the pricing and features of the products, you will be amazed that’s for sure. One of the best tools of the Hitek Software is the AutoKrypt. This is product has different editions. The latest one is the edition 11. In this post, I have discussed about the main tasks and features of this amazing software. If the review of AutoKrypt interests you, then purchase it through our link with the coupon. To get the discount on AutoKrypt, no additional coupon code is needed.

Efficient Automation Programs

It can be seen that most of the automation tools are not fast and efficient. But unlike the other products of Hitek Software, AutoKrypt is very fast and reliable. The encryption engine of this software has different methods. It supports the public as well as private key encryption. OpenPGP passwords can be encrypted with the help of this product. Similarly, it can provide perfect decryption facilities also. The important thing is, it will let you create different profiles for all those methods. Those profiles can be applied again and again. So you don’t have to spend your valuable time to set things up all the time. You can control the whole software by using the Windows SSH server. That means, AutoKrypt can be controlled remotely.

File and Folder Backup System

Another good thing about AutoKrypt is it can create the backups of the targeted encrypted files and folders. Similarly, those files and folders can also be renamed with the help of this product. It can take into account the file names to provide encryption or decryption facilities to those. While backing up, it can target not only the encrypted items, but also the original files. The email notification system is of course another good one of AutoKrypt. For this feature, it can send the email notifications for all the tasks after completion.

Very Attractive Pricing and Coupon

This automatic encryption decryption tool has been offered for very attractive pricing. If you are the current user of this then you can upgrade your product with cheaper rates. Suppose you are using AutoKrypt 9 or an older version. You just have to pay $69.97 for upgrading that to latest one. Similarly the users of the edition 10 of this product can upgrade to AutoKrypt 11 by paying $49.98 only without the coupon being added. The newcomers can also be happy with the license of the latest version. As per the date of creating this review, the price of the new license of this is only $99.95.

The AutoKrypt coupon gives you a cool chance to avail the services of this nice product at a cheap rate. We hope you liked our discount offer.