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Auto FanPage Content Discount

Auto FanPage Content Review

Auto FanPage Content has many benefits to offer for users. Users can easily create many fan pages of this application. Customers can easily get support by creating a fan page and generating a lot of conversion. Creating a proper fan page is very important to gain massive conversion in online business. Using this tool will make that route surprisingly easier for the users. Users will be able to create multiple fan pages and select and schedule and fan page from where they want to post their daily content. Accordingly purchase the reviewed powerful windows software application with discount and gain the Auto FanPage Content coupon.

Highlights of the Application

Auto FanPage Content has fan page categorization that will enable the users to target the market audience they want. Most of the time people do not have proper knowledge about fan page categorization or niche marketing. Using this tool will make it easier for the users to categorize the fan page easily and set the niche market according to the choice. Users will be able to separate the fan page based on categories with this application.  Users can easily schedule the posts for months with this application for multiple categories. The niche-based promotion not only helps users to get the targeted audience but also push the business in the right direction.

Auto FanPage Content

Therefore, Auto FanPage Content will help users to plan forward and bring conversion to the site by just doing minimal activities. Creating posts to the site according to categories will be able to bring constant traffic straight away. Users can promote their page by importing products from different fan pages so that the conversion becomes much easier. Peoples can import the product from a single fan page so that customization and promotion become easier. Users can promote a single group post or profile post with very ease and smoothly with this tool.

Bulk Edit

Auto FanPage Content allows the users to edit all the data within the bulk. Editing files not only help users to manage the product descriptions in bulk. Users can replace the text and select the description as well with this tool also. Users can select the text and replace it with the description in just bulk from. It will save a massive amount of time that users would spend on editing the files. It has other facilities that enable the users to remove all links on the select description box. Users can also schedule posts in bulk. Simply users can make the bulk of many posts and schedule it posting altogether. The application will do it in the required time.

Auto FanPage Content Discount and Pricing

Auto FanPage Content currently offers 3 packages. It provides the monthly package, the annual package, and the one-time package. The monthly package is priced at only 14.99 dollars except the discount. The annual package is only 56.99 dollars. The one-time package is priced at only 257 dollars.

Therefore, please get with Auto FanPage Content discount. Afterall, purchase the powerful windows software application with coupon.