Aurora 3D Animation Maker Coupon and Discount

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Overview of Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Animation creation is not difficult anymore. Many software companies are now providing the animation creation solution. Aurora 3D is a very popular company to provide some amazing graphics and animation tools. One of the finest products of this brand is the Animation Maker. The animated effects can be necessary for various reasons. For example, if you want to make your movie title more attractive, you can use those effects. Similarly, there are several more applications. This product of Aurora 3D will offer you so many features which can be useful. Get hold of all the useful features of Aurora 3D Animation Maker with the coupon offer. The major facilities offered by this powerful software are:

Templates for Quick Outputs

Sometimes you may need the outputs very urgently. In those cases the animation templates of this software can be used. For the movie title or logo animations, those templates are very useful. Not only for the movies, the animation titles or logos can be used for the websites also. In the cases of various other tools, it becomes very difficult to control all the aspects of the task. But the product will let you take control over all the aspects with ease. For example, the speed of the animated object should be controlled. The time gap between each playback can also be handled very easily with the help of this product. Various styles have been integrated in this software and those will help to customize the appearance of the objects. Shape switching facility is another good advantage of the Animation Maker. The shape of any object or logo can be changed very easily for this facility. Avail these features by purchasing it with our Aurora 3D Animation Maker discount.

Import & Export Images

This software will help you to import various images as well as SVG files for applying animations. Various effects have been integrated in this product. Similarly the Aurora 3D Animation Maker can easily export the designs in different formats like PNG, GIF and Tiff. The animated contents can be used in the movies and any kind of videos. With the help of free hand designing tools, you can create the objects you want. Text editing tool of the Animation Maker is also very impressive. It will let you check the preview of your project before saving.

Coupon Code & Pricing of This Product

All the products of the Aurora 3D brand have been offered for affordable pricing. The Animation Maker is not different than those. As of 31 October 2015, cost of this software is only $69.95 without the promo code. By no means, this price can be considered as high because many other tools are more costly. Like all the other products, this one is also for Windows and Mac computers. It is compatible with various editions of these two popular operating systems. After making the order of the Aurora 3D Animation Maker, you will get the serial key within 2 hours. That will be sent to your email inbox.

Create eye-catching and beautiful 3D animations by purchasing Aurora 3D Animation Maker with our discount offer. Hopefully you will enjoy the Aurora 3D Animation Maker coupon.