Atomic Mail Sender Discount | Get Outstanding Coupon On Purchase

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Atomic Mail Sender discount

For all kinds of email marketing campaigns, it is important to send bulk emails. And there are some mail sending solutions, which can complete this task very easily. Atomic Mail Sender is one of these tools. And it is one of the best products of AtomPark Software.

Review of the Atomic Mail Sender

Different forms of online marketing have been invented. But still, email marketing is a reliable platform for promoting various businesses and products. Email marketers have to deal with so many recipients to send one message. It is possible to send them any message manually. But, this manual process is very much time consuming and less effective. To make any campaign more effective, you have to a message to all recipients at the same time. That is why, it is very important to rely on Atomic Mail Sender. This software is one of the most reliable bulk email senders. Purchase the reliable AMS with our discount. Grab this Atomic Mail Sender coupon today. Let’s have a look at its features and benefits:

Ensure Less Bounces

Atomic Mail Sender comes with some very important features. For example, it offers an advanced personalization facility. That means, you can use this to design an email as per necessity. Sometimes, it can be very urgent to create a new message. In these cases, the spin text feature of this software will be very useful. It will ensure that all mails are delivered to the recipient’s inboxes. Sometimes, some unavailable or invalid email addresses can be present in your mailing list. If any email is sent to these addresses, that will be bounced. Atomic Mail Sender is capable of removing these unnecessary addresses from your list.

Reasonable AMS Pricing Options and Discount

If only one unit of this software is purchased, then the price will be $79.85 excluding the discount as per this post writing time. But there are some volume discount facilities. If you purchase two licenses of this product, then only $67.87 should be paid for each unit. And for purchasing 3 licenses of it, only 63.88 USD will be the price for each license. Similarly, you can even purchase more than 20 units of Atomic Mail Sender at a time. In that case only 35.93 USD should be paid for each one. To get an online backup service for it, an additional fee must be paid.

Atomic Mail Sender discount

Efficient Unsubscribe Wizard

From an email marketing campaign, any recipient can unsubscribe. And, you have to remove them from your list. Atomic Mail Sender offers multiple ways to do this task very efficiently. First of all, it will allow to upload a file of unsubscribed addresses. According to this file, this software will automatically remove these addresses. It can also be connected with your email server. Then, it will automatically find out and removed the unsubscribed addresses. You can also remove any recipient from the list manually. This software has a powerful spam checker. For this feature, any sent message will not go to the spam folder of a recipient.

Therefore, please make a purchase of AMS with our coupon. The Atomic Mail Sender discount introduced here is going to save you some good money.