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Atomic Email Studio coupon

The success of an email marketing system depends on so many things. For this reason, it is better to use different tools for this task. Atomic Email Studio comes with all these important tools. All these tools are very much reliable and efficient.

Atomic Email Studio Review

An email marketing campaign has to be completed by different stages. None of these stages can be overlooked. AtomPark Software Company offers some impressive tools for email marketing. Each of these tools is capable of handling each part of a campaign. Instead of purchasing all these products separately, you can purchase the Atomic Email Studio. This is a 9-in-1 mail marketing suite. It offers 9 very important products offered by AtomPark. The most important thing is, this solution is a cost effective one. Besides, we have cut the prices to a further extent by introducing the discount coupon. Simply follow the procedure given in the image to enjoy the Atomic Email Studio discount. Here are some major features of it:

Mail Sending Features

Atomic Email Studio has a newsletter sending tool. This built in tool is capable of dealing with unlimited number of attachments with every message. There are some tools, which support only the plain-text format. But this one also supports HTML format. Sometimes, you may not have enough time to type a message manually. In these cases, this tool will import that message from different types of files. It offers an efficient auto-reply facility for the incoming emails. Atomic Email Studio also has some campaign creation features. It can easily import bulk emails and edit any mailing list. It is also capable of determining the results of any campaign.

Efficient List Manager

A profitable list is very important for all kinds of email campaigns. Atomic Email Studio has a tool to create some targeted mailing list. And it can deal with the lists of any size. There must be so many addresses in a list. But all these addresses may not be valid. This tool can verify all these addresses with a three-step validation process. And then, it will remove every invalid addresses automatically. Email campaign monitoring is another important feature of Atomic Email Studio. For this feature, this solution can find out which recipients opened your messages. And it can also track the activity of these recipients. This tool is capable of providing a country based campaign results.

Atomic Email Studio coupon

AES Plans, Coupon Code & Pricing

Till now some main features of this product have been mentioned. Atomic Email Studio also has some other built in programs. It can collect the contacts from different websites very efficiently. And it can also collect these addresses from any kind of local files. Even this solution has a tool to get so many addresses from the WHOIS database. This all-in-one solution is very much cost effective. To enjoy all the software inside it, you just have to pay 229 USD without the promo code. As per 4 October 2017, some volume discount prices for this solution are also available. For purchasing its two licenses, you have to pay only 174.65 USD. Similarly, for more units of it, you have to pay less amount per unit.

As a result, please use our discount to make a purchase of AES. Why pay more when you can get the email marketing shell at a lower price with our Atomic Email Studio coupon?