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AppJumbu Coupon

If you are looking for an app that helps track all your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses, then AppJumbu is strongly recommended. This is a mobile phone app for tracking personal expenses very easily.

Review of AppJumbu

You may have heard about different apps that can track daily expenses. But, the most of these tools are for Android mobiles only. Another fact is, the most of these apps are not efficient at all. We suggest one app that is compatible with Android and iOS. The name of that app is AppJumbu. This app is suitable for the users of all ages and professions. Tons of features are available here. Hence, please get the reviewed cute budgeting & expense management app with coupon and obtain the AppJumbu discount.

Basic Features

As AppJumbu is a daily expense tracker solution, it is so easy to use so that all types of users love it. This software has three different books. Before starting a calculation, you have to select anyone among affiliate expense book, personal account book, and credit card book. Then, you will be able to add the necessary amount to a suitable book very easily. This software also supports different types of to-do lists. AppJumbu has a built in reporting solution. All the reports will be shown in Excel format. As a user, you can see the report for every day, week, or year. Similarly, it is also capable of showing detailed, summary, or both types of reports.


Suitable for All

We have described the basic features of this software. These features are suitable for all kinds of users. Any individual person or businessman can use it to calculate their daily expenses very easily. Similarly, this solution is useful for students, affiliate marketers, Uber drivers, YouTubers, and agencies, etc. Another important thing about AppJumbu is it supports 74 different languages. That is why, people from all over the world love to use this solution. Along with the basic features, this app comes with several additional facilities. For example, you may need to make some notes regarding any expenditure. There is no need to use any third party app for that. It has a built in note making program.

AppJumbu Coupon and Pricing

Two different licenses of AppJumbu are available. The OTO1 includes a single pack. That means, this is a single license. To purchase this one, only USD 6.14 should be paid except the coupon. Compared to this one, the OTO2 is more cost effective. This is a bundle pack that includes five licenses. To purchase this one, only USD 17.18 should be paid. After making an order, you will get a 20 digit license key. This key should be used after installing the AppJumbu from your app store. And then, you will become a premium user. Every premium user can access each and every premium feature.

Therefore, please buy with AppJumbu coupon. In the conclusion, please avail the cute budgeting & expense management app with discount.