ApPHP Medical Appointment Coupon: Get Discount in 2022

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ApPHP Medical Appointment Coupon

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ApPHP Medical Appointment Review

For a normal type of website, you can use the tools and scripts which are common. But if you want to manage special types of websites, special feature rich product will be necessary. The ApPHP brand has achieved huge popularity by providing some advanced PHP scripts for various types of websites. This company has also offered a script for the websites for medical clinics or physicians. This product is known as the ApPHP Medical Appointment. For some amazing features and uniqueness, this product has become one of the top products of ApPHP brand. We also want you to experience these amazing features and thus, brought up the ApPHP Medical Appointment discount offer. This coupon will let you save some money and to get this, no coupon code is needed. Here are some of the features which are offered by this script:

The Basic Features

Both the Advanced and Professional editions of the ApPHP Medical Appointment Script have some basic features. This script will help you to manage all the appointments of the doctors of your medical clinic with ease. Each of the doctors will have the separate profiles and advanced schedule options. That means they can create and customize their schedules whenever necessary. Each of the visitors or patients can also be able to see the profiles of the doctors. They will be allowed to ask for the appointments to the selected doctors. Medical Appointment Script offers so many administrative features to manage the doctors and patients.

Multiple Pricing Plans and Coupon

There are two main reasons behind the huge popularity of the products of ApPHP. One of those is high quality features and the other one is impressive pricing plans. Like the other tools of it, the Medical Appointment Script also has multiple editions. Each of these are available in affordable price. Some advanced pricing options are also there. To get the Advanced Edition of this product, you have to pay only 59.90 USD only without including the coupon. And the cost for the Professional Version of it is only 92.90 before 2017. ApPHP Medical Appointment Professional edition has the some advanced features which have been mentioned below. You can enjoy one year free update facility for this. After that you can enjoy additional year updates for only 18.90 USD. For a number of years, the price for updates will be more affordable.

Professional Version Features

Let’s have a look at some additional features of the Professional Version of ApPHP Medical Appointment. Advanced rating and payment modules have been included in this product. When you will choose this kind of product, single database will not be enough. That is why, it supports multiple databases. The created medical websites made for the interest of people of various parts of the world. So the multiple currency facility of this script will help a lot. The membership plan facility is another huge advantage of the Medical Appointment Script of ApPHP brand. This feature will allow you to have members in your website and offer some extra facilities to them.

ApPHP Medical Appointment provides some amazing features due to which, it is highly rated by the users. So, we have made it reasonable for you with the discount offer so that you can get it easily. We hope the ApPHP Medical Appointment coupon satisfies you.