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Analytify Discount

If you are running any ecommerce site using the WordPress platform, then you will feel the necessity of statistical report analysis. To solve this task, many helpful solutions are available in the market. In most cases, users depend on Google analytics and the WP stats program. To support you in this case, Analytify is a dependable one solution. This is one of the most effective plugin to maintain Google analytical task. This previews the needed data from your WordPress dashboard.

Overview on Analytify

Analytify is needed one tool which can simply extract the data from Google analytics. The main goal of this platform is to make everything clear to your audience. To handle these activities, it combines all the supplementary conditions. It assures some outstanding functionalities like media statistics, frontend reporting, eCommerce tracking etc. It asks only a single click by which you can easily connect Google analytics to your site. After that, the dashboard section of Analytify is very simple and flexible. While using this, you will get the opportunity to manage the data according to your own format. Some other key conditions are also issued within this like top keyword selection, top user identification etc. Most of all, you will be able to manage statistics from social media facts. Hence, take the reviewed powerful google analytics dashboard wordpress plugin with discount and obtain the Analytify coupon.


Detailed Features on This

Are you worried about making proper statistics from Google Analytics? To eliminate your hassle Analytify is always with you. With the power of Analytify, you can easily enable the non technical to understand the actual info. Here, the crucial one part is traffic generation estimation. To help you in this case, some active logics are managed here. Then, you will find page level analytics. Due to having this, you can make a statistical summary of every single post inside any individual page. In this case, you can apply custom post types. After that, it offers social media stats. Now a days, a huge amount of traffic is generated from the social media. To calculate them in a proper way, Analytify is very helpful. It can break down the entire structure to preview the associated data.

Analytify Discount and Pricing Range

Analytify offers four different plans. These are: Personal, Small Business, Agency and Developer. Inside every plan, multiple packages are available. First consider Personal plan. Here, the first package is Analytify Pro which is available with $39 excluding the discount. Then, the Small Business plan appears where the Pro version is available with the price of $69. This is applicable for 3 sites. For large organizations, Agency plan is a suitable one. Here, you can purchase the Pro version with $99. This version is allowed for 10 sites. The last plan is a Developer. In this plan, the Pro version is applicable for 100 sites. It asks only $199 and it offers 1 year free up-gradation policy.

Therefore, please acquire with Analytify discount and get the powerful google analytics dashboard wordpress plugin with coupon.