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Alien Skin Coupon

Review of Alien skin

Photos are taken on an everyday basis, and very often pictures are taken for professional reasons. Whether the photos are self-portraits, sceneries or corporate businesses’ photos, all of them require a little touch of image editing. Therefore, to assists with image editing, the software Alien skin provides users with photography and design software. Alien skin comes with an abundance of features that are equally great for both professionals as well as new photo editors. The reason behind the software being excellent for new photo editors is because there’s video tutorials for every single package. And these tutorials manages to show instructions and steps for different areas in designing and organizing an image. In such way, please obtain the reviewed most popular photoshop plug-ins with coupon and avail the Alien Skin discount.

Advanced Effects

One of the fundamental things that most editors do is add effects to a picture to enhance the quality. And because of that, Alien skin have provided advanced effects option for users to apply it. The advanced effects allow users to implement multiple layers of effects onto an image without restrictions. There’re various presets available that can be applied onto users’ pictures if users don’t feel like adding it manually. When a portrait image is being edited it’s necessary that the best qualities are highlighted. Hence, brush tool is provided to enable adjustments to be made seamlessly so that workflow remains smooth throughout the session. The brush tool’s function helps to fix various touch-ups on portrait images such as whitening teeth and removing red eyes.

Alien Skin

Photo Manager, Colors and more Effects

Organizing and managing images play a huge role for users who frequently edit large number of photos. To effectively manage and organize big sets of pictures, Alienskin have given organizing tools, and smart photo management features. Users can add descriptions to images being edited, hence by applying keyword it can be easily traced in the library. Images with similar categories can be grouped together to make a collection folder for better accessibility. Once a picture is edited, users can compare the picture by selecting the Alienskin’s comparison view. To allow more efficiency for comparison, users can pin a single or more pictures to be constantly viewed. Lastly, to reserve the rights to a photo, watermark can be applied, which will remain even after printing it.

Alien Skin Coupon and Pricing

Alien skin has five plans, and their first one is their Exposure X3 Bundle whose price is set to $199. The cost to upgrade this package is provided for $119. Exposure X3 plan, and Blow Up 3 plan is $149, and $99 where upgrading cost is $99, and $69 respectively. Their Snap Art 4 is $99, and Eye Candy 7 is $129, and these package’s upgrades are $69, and $79. To get a taste of how the software actually performs and to check all the functions, there’s a 30-day trial.

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