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AliatePress Discount

We create different types of WooCommerce WordPress stores. Sometimes, we face some difficulties to import some AliExpress products in these stores. This task can easily be done with the help of AliatePress. This affiliate plugin is capable of dealing with almost every AliExpress product.

AliatePress Review and Features

There should not be any doubt that AliExpress is one of the most popular online shopping or eCommerce platforms. You can import so many products from this platform and sell those on your site. A big number of affiliate marketers are applying this trick. They get a huge profit too. But, a newbie faces several problems while importing the products. AliatePress is capable of solving this issue. It is a top quality affiliate plugin for the WooCommerce WordPress sites. Any kind of affiliate products can be imported by this tool from the AliExpress to your site. So, please get the reviewed powerful wordpress plugin with discount and obtain the AliatePress coupon.

Very Easy Importing

One of the best features of AliatePress is its affiliate product importing capability. It requires only 3 clicks to import your desired product. There are some other similar tools. The most of these tools can deal with a single product at a time. But, this one is an advanced one. It has the bulk importing ability. That means, it is able to import so many selected products at a time. Another excellent feature of AliatePress is its schedule importing capability. You don’t have to import every item manually every time. Just make a schedule. And then, this software imports and publishes those products to your site on time.


Advanced Searching

A very advanced searching facility is offered by this plugin. It asks for a keyword. Then, this tool will provide a big list of AliExpress products depending on that keyword. Then, you just have to select some items. Generally, a plugin requires several minutes to provide a relevant product list. But, AliatePress requires only a few seconds to do so. It supports AliExpress portal, EPN, and Admitad affiliate networks. It also provides an image CDN. You don’t have to store the product images on your local storage. This CDN can be used for storing such images.

AliatePress Discount and Multiple Pricing Plans

Some affiliate marketers need AliatePress plugin for only one domain. The Single License of this tool is suitable to them. This one is available for only $19 without the discount, as per September 15, 2018. The Professional License of this plugin is a more cost effective one. It can be bought by paying only 39 USD. It can work with 30 different domains. Similarly, AliatePress Developer license is available for only $199. You can use it one 100 domains very easily. All these licenses support unlimited product imports. There is no limitation on the themes. That means, this plugin can work with any WordPress theme without any problem.

Therefore, kindly gain with AliatePress discount and have the powerful wordpress plugin with coupon.