Advanced Host Monitor Coupon: Avail Cool Discount and Pricing

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Advanced Host Monitor

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Enterprise + Extended support

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Advanced Host Monitor Coupon

No matter you have a small or large enterprise, you must use a network in that. This network should be monitored and maintained carefully. In doing this task, Advanced Host Monitor can be used. Powerful software can continuously monitor any kind of small and large enterprise level servers.

Review of Advanced Host Monitor

It is a fact that different types of host monitoring solutions are out there. So, you have to choose a tool, which offers more features and facilities. Flexibility is another thing to be considered before choosing one. Every tool cannot deal with all the parameters. So, you have to consider which parameters of your server are to be monitored. And, the price of that product is also an important thing. Considering all these things, Advanced Host Monitor can be said as a top quality network monitoring solution. Hence, buy with Advanced Host Monitor discount in 2022 and please have the powerful network monitoring software with coupon.

Various Test Methods

Different types of test methods are supported by Advanced Host Monitor. It is capable of checking the Windows, as well as UNIX systems. Among different types of routers, Cisco and Juniper routers are very popular. This software can check both these types of routers. All kinds of Hewlett-Packard servers can be checked by it. Similarly, it can work with the VMware host system very efficiently. To check the availability of a server, it is very important to ping a host or monitor the web. Advanced Host Monitor will perform these operations very impressively. Similarly, this software can monitor the free space in every virtual and physical memory and the size of any folder and file.

Advanced Host Monitor

Takes Necessary Actions

Generating different types of test results is not the only important thing. You have to take some actions depending on these test results. Advanced Host Monitor is very much helpful for taking these actions. For every type of test results, you can set a separate action profile. Then, this software will pick a suitable profile automatically. Some important remote monitoring components are added to this software too. These components are offered for the Linux, Windows, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris. Its remote management console is very easy to use.

Advanced Host Monitor Coupon and Pricing

Advanced Host Monitor has different types of licenses. The Starter License can be purchased by paying only $199 except the coupon. This is capable of dealing with 200 test items. Compared to this one, the Professional License is more cost effective. It can work with 600 test items. You just have to pay $350 to buy this one according to 8 April 2018. Its Advanced License is available for only 599 USD. This software will consider 5 thousand text items for any network. The price of Enterprise License is only 1299 USD. It is recommended to deal with 100 thousand test items. Similarly, Advanced Host Monitor has some other affordable licenses.

In such way, please gain the reviewed powerful network monitoring software with coupon and avail the Advanced Host Monitor discount in 2022.