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AdSmartly Discount

We know that Facebook is an excellent source of high quality leads. You can capture a big number of email leads from this source. But, an efficient lead capturing tool is required for that. My suggestion is to pick AdSmartly in doing this task. This software is full of impressive features and facilities.

Features and Review of AdSmartly

It is fact that there are a big number of lead sources. Even, you can get these from your websites. But, some platforms are full of high quality email leads. Facebook is one of these platforms. Each and every Facebook post of yours may have thousands and even millions of likes and comments. These likers and commenters hold a big number of unique email addresses. AdSmartly is capable of capturing these emails very efficiently. This newbie friendly software comes with so many useful features. Please get the reviewed responsive social media networking solution with discount and avail the AdSmartly coupon.

Generate Custom Leads

We know that the Facebook Ads can generate so many leads. For each and every Facebook Ad, we use a raw link. This link can be shared in different groups, pages, and sites. Compared to a raw link, a custom link can generate more traffic in a quick time. That is why, AdSmartly will let you generate some custom links as per necessity. A fan page may have a big number of active members. This software helps to create a list of fan page messenger by adding these members. Then, you can any message directly to these member inboxes. Similarly, the custom FB Ads links can also be sent to their inboxes.


Reasonable Pricing and AdSmartly Discount

After considering the major features of this product, anyone can assume a big price for AdSmartly. But actually, this software is a very cost effective one. As of 6 June 2018, this solution is available for only 24 USD except the discount. By paying this little amount, you can get some advanced facilities. For example, this software is capable of exporting up to 10 thousand email leads. There are some other similar tools. These tools can create only a few customized links. On the other hand, AdSmartly is capable of creating 20 different custom links. Each of its templates is easily customizable.

Campaign Splitting

There is no need to use every ad for a campaign. Some ads may not perform well. You have to find out these ads and remove those. AdSmartly offers a great solution to this problem. It has a campaign split function. By using this function, it can automatically find out the low performing ads. You will get the power to turn off these ads and turn on again when necessary. Content creation is not a very difficult task. But, sharing these contents on multiple platform is a bit difficult. AdSmartly has a content sharing option to solve this issue. It will help you to share the contents on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, we hope please obtain with AdSmartly discount. In the conclusion, please have the responsive social media networking  solution with coupon.