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Review of the AdSanity Plugin

Plenty of WordPress Plugins are there and many of those are very useful. But all of those are not important for all types of users. Nowadays, most of the website owners publish various ads on their sites to get more money. If you want to do so, then the AdSanity Plugin is for you. This impressive WordPress plugin is useful for all types of WordPress sites. It will let you place the ads anywhere on the selected site. Some of the main features of it have been discussed in this post.

Impressive Ad Widgets

The AdSantiy has not come with only one ad widget for both all the ads. One of the widgets of it is perfect for showing the single ads. But when you will work with ad groups, other widget of this plugin will help you. After purchasing this solution, you don’t have to go here and there to purchase necessary add-ons. All the necessary items are included in this and that is why the developers will love this. Just like the ad widgets, this product also supports two different publishing options. Both the data based and infinite options are very useful. Perhaps some other publishing options will be added to the AdSanity Plugin in the future. So, if you think the above mentioned options are of the product will be handy for you, please get the product with the exclusive coupon and discount.

AdSanity Plugin Coupon

Very Easy to Use

This product will never throw you in any such difficulty. Easy management system is one of the most important features of this tool. All kinds of users will enjoy this for managing their posts. AdSanity Plugin supports the ads of all categories. It will let you create ad groups with ease. It is useful not only for posting, but also for creating the ads. And the most important thing is it can also keep the statistical data. So you will be able to know the number clicks on the ads. The ad performance can easily be detected by the AdSanity Plugin. The product is expected to meet your requirements, so purchasing it with the coupon would be a good move for you.

Amazing Licenses Coupon Code & Pricing

The AdSanity Plugin is available with three different licenses. You can choose any one of these as per your necessity. The Blogger License price is cheapest of those all. This one is for one public domain. It can also be used with single development domain. To get this product, you have to pay only $29 for one year. If you want to use this plugin on three developments and three public domains, then the Publisher License is suitable. Before 2017, the yearly price of this product is only 69 USD. So it can be said that, this one is more cost effective than the previous. But the best option of AdSanity Plugin is the Developer License which can be used on unlimited domains. The price of this one is only $129 per year but the coupon is not included here. Each of these three licenses includes basic add-ons and core plugin.

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