Ad Trackz Gold Discounts, Coupon Codes| August 2022 Promo

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Ad Trackz Gold Discount

Ad Trackz Gold Review

Ad Trackz Gold brings direct sales to the site in online business. The software enables the users the keyword can convert the result into sales online. As a result, users will completely focus on direct keywords that can convert into sales. Users also can track down the keywords that can turn the result in sales. So that users can bring constant conversion to the site. Users also can analyze the traffic source they are focusing on to make sure that they are focusing on the correct niche and there is a constant flow of profit. Thus, gain the reviewed Ad tracking & conversion tracking software with discount and get the Ad Trackz Gold coupon.

Highlights of the Application

Ad Trackz Gold masters on tracking down the results of the marketing campaign. Users will be able to track down the marketing campaign so that users can run the proper marketing campaign accordingly. The program can track down on the clicks users receive from their traffic. Users can track down each traffic source the clicks are coming from. It will help users to direct on which campaign they can pick and choose to bring results in their business. The software also can track down the conversion results. Users will not need a lot of time to bring subscriptions in the automated mode as well with this tool.

Ad Trackz Gold

Ad Trackz Gold can as well track down the upsells and downloads as well. Upsells and downloads will enable users to understand the number of sales and downloads. Users will also bring conversion using the trial and error process. Users can try different types of tags, banners, and posts and check which type of content is generating most of the buzz to the site and bringing a lot of traffic. It has a Clickbank tracking system that will enable the users to track the sales of the site properly. Users will stay notified all the time.

Keyword Tracking

Ad Tackz Gold enables the users to track down the keyword of the site easily. Users can link the cloaking easily with this tool. Users can see how the keywords in making a difference in bringing the conversion to the site and what are the overall impact choosing correct keywords. It also calculates the overall performance results of the website and provides the statistics. Users will get informed of the return on their investment through all these important statistical features. Users will see that from where the people are getting sales and users can redirect the traffic in their proper marketing campaigns.

Ad Trackz Gold Discount and Pricing

Ad Trackz Gold currently offers 3 different packages. The hosted package of this application is priced at only 19 dollars. The gold script package is another one that is priced at only 77 dollars without the promo code. Last but not the least, the upgrade package of this tool is priced at only 30 dollars.

Therefore, please obtain with Ad Trackz Gold discount and get the Ad tracking & conversion tracking software with coupon.