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Creating a webinar is not a difficult task anymore. There are tons of software tools that can create these contents. But, you have to use an all-in-one solution for that. Active Webinar is a top quality software for generating and launching impressive webinars.

Active Webinar

Active Webinar Review

There is no need to become a tech expert to create amazing webinars. A single software is capable of creating such things. But, you have to choose that software very carefully because there are so many options. We recommend Active Webinar for its impressive features. More importantly, it does not require the help of any other tools.

All-in-one Software

Sometimes, marketers need to depend on multiple tools for using webinars as money making machines. Active Webinar is a complete solution. That is why, you don’t have to buy multiple tools after purchasing it once. It’s a cloud based solution that requires no specific device to be accessed. Just use any computer or mobile and an internet connection to use all of its features. Even, this is no need to install anything. The dashboard of this solution is very easy that anyone will be able to use it. You will be able to become friendly with it within a few minutes. Newbies often love to launch webinars by customizing premade templates. Active Webinar provides 5 premade templates. So, newbies will never face any big problem while creating a web based seminars.

Webinar Software

Video Training

There should not be any doubt that Active Webinar is very easy to use. New users may rarely find anything that can stop them to create amazing webinars. To solve such issues, there is a video training facility with every license. You can consider this video training as a quick-start guide. That means, this program helps users to become successful in a quick time. One of the finest things about this software is its built-in email panel. From this single panel, you will be able to send follow-up emails to registrants. It can also be used for sending reminders to them. Similarly, a customizable webinar funnels is another great advantage of this software.

Active Webinar Pricing

Though the features of Active Webinar are very impressive, you don’t have to worry about its price. Compared to the features, its pricing is very small. The Basic Suite comes with each and every basic feature. To purchase this license, you just have to pay USD 19 excluding the discount. To enjoy more features, the Profit Suite should be bought by paying only USD 29. A single license of Active Webinar is capable of generating live-like webinars. People won’t be able to understand that your webinars are not live. It also helps add more engaging elements to every seminar. That is why, every seminar will engage and convert more registrants.