Accurate Printer Monitor Coupon: Discount On Software and Review

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Accurate Printer Monitor Coupon

Sometimes, we see that the printers in our office or organizations are not used properly by the employees. To solve this issue, a printer monitoring solution is required. Different companies are there to provide these tools. Among all these items, AggSoft Accurate Printer Monitor is a very powerful product.

Review of Accurate Printer Monitor

Suppose, 30 employees work in an organization. It is not necessary to provide a separate printer for each of them. Instead, you can provide 3-4 printer for every small computer network. That means, a single printing device will be shared by 6-7 employees. Now, if you think that a printer is used too much, it is very difficult to find out who use this more. That is why, an efficient printer supervision tool is required. My recommendation is to pick the Accurate Printer Monitor. This is an amazing product of AggSoft. Take advantage of the excellent AggSoft product with our discount coupon. Grab the Accurate Printer Monitor discount today. Let’s have a look at some major features and facilities of this product:

Supports Multiple Devices

There are some other printing supervision tools, which can monitor a single device at a time. But, Accurate Printer Monitor is capable of dealing with multiple printers in one session. For each of these devices, you can add the same or different settings. This software is capable of dealing with the local, as well as remote printers. That means, there is no need to depend on different tools for different types of environments anymore. Accurate Printer Monitor offers a real time monitoring system. For this reason, it can be considered as faster and more effective.

Monitor Different Things

This product can detect different activities and record that. For example, it can record the time when a printer is turned on or off. For every session, it will record the number of printed pages. Similarly, it can find out the total outputs made by each connected user. For this reason, it is very easy to find out the usage of every client. There are some devices which have the duplex mode. It is capable of working with those devices. All kinds of color and monochrome printers are supported by Accurate Printer Monitor. This software can generate some reports and save those as different formats like PDF and DOC.

Accurate Printer Monitor Coupon and Multiple Pricing Plans

Actually, everyone may not need this software for the same number of printing devices. For this reason, AggSoft provides two different licenses of it. The Enterprise License of Accurate Printer Monitor can be purchased by paying only 215 UsSD without the promo code as of 23 March 2018. This software is capable of dealing with 20 different printers in a single server. For each of the printers, this one is capable of monitoring unlimited outputs. Similarly, the Corporate License of this software is available for only 300 USD. This product can deal with up to 100 printers in a print server. Some customized web page templates are added to this edition of Accurate Printer Monitor.

Hence, please get the printer monitoring software with our discount. If you want to have any other information on the Accurate Printer Monitor coupon, please ask us.