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ABtesting AI Discount

If you are looking for a bigger conversion rate on your landing pages, then an efficient AB testing tool should be used. ABtesting AI is a good quality tool for all kinds of landing pages.

ABtesting AI Review and Features

Online marketers always look for more conversions. They use different techniques to do so. AB testing is one of the most efficient techniques. Sometimes, marketers spend a big money to access such a tool. But, we suggest ABtesting AI, which is an affordable solution. Its artificial intelligence is so powerful that it generates accurate AB testing results. Accordingly take the reviewed powerful landing page A/B testing software with discount and obtain the ABtesting AI coupon.

Variation Creation

One of the finest features of ABtesting AI is its capability to create variations. You have to insert an URL first. Then, several title variations should be inserted. After that, this solution will recognize these titles and analyze. After a very little time, you will get a list of suggested variants. There is no need to be worried about detecting the conversion event. Such an event will be detected by this software automatically. Another very important thing is ABtesting AI is compatible with WordPress. It offers a plugin, which is very easy to install. This JavaScript will run on any page without damaging the performance of the page. Before making the final experiment, you are allowed to run a few test experiments. In such a case, this tool will consider a little number of variations.

ABtesting AI

Powerful AI

ABtesting AI comes with a very efficient artificial intelligence. First of all, this software will detect statistical significance. After that, it will find out a few variations that work best It has an evolutionary algorithm that is capable of mixing different variations to find out the best performing combination. There are several other tools that run every experiment separately. But, this one is able to do that in a batch. That is why, it does no need a big traffic on the targeted site. After you run an experiment once, there is no need to do set everything up again. Just repeat the process very easily.

ABtesting AI Discount and Pricing

The Free Plan of ABtesting AI supports unlimited unique visitors and only a single experiment. After using it as a trial, you can go for the Starter Plan by spending only USD 19 per month. It supports maximum 8 thousand unique visitor per month. But, this one is suitable to deal with unlimited experiments. If you are looking for more unique visitors, then the Professional Plan is good and price 79 per month. It supports 40 thousand visitors in a month. Similarly, the Business License of ABtesting AI can be accessed by spending only USD 139 per month. This one is suitable for 150 thousand unique monthly visitors. It is suggested to large agencies.

Therefore, get with ABtesting AI discount and buy the powerful landing page A/B testing software with coupon.