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Review of Absolute Jacker

WordPress has made lots of difficult tasks as very easy. As the WordPress sites are flexible, themes and plugins can easily be installed there. And there are so many types of plugins offered by so many companies. The AJ is a very impressive plugin for WordPress. This one can be considered as one of the most powerful highjack software. It is very effective for monetizing all the outgoing links and posts. You can target any URL you want to do so. There are so many features of this product to impress the newcomers. Moreover, our coupon offer adds more to the impression of this product. For obtaining this Absolute Jacker discount, no coupon code is needed. Here are some of those:

Deal With the Links

The Absolute Jacker will let you set up the links very easily. In doing so, it can handle so many types of links. For example, it can work with the affiliate links and squeeze pages. You may be promoting the CPS offers and that can be handled by this powerful WordPress plugin too. On any types of sites and even on mobile sites, you can add the opt-in popups very easily. Different types of popup styles have been added in this tool. This will offer the Facebook connect, email opt-in and the Google Plus login facilities. The software can easily lock any website and force the visitors to engage in other sites or pages. Mouse control popup is another good thing about this software. For this feature, you can attract the visitors with some other offers when they will intend to leave the page.

Absolute-Jacker coupon

Social Media Campaign

Nowadays, social media campaigns are bringing more visitors. The Absolute Jacker has the ability to help you to make new campaigns in social media. And from any website, you can drive the traffic into your official fan pages. So the number of likes and followers of the pages will be increased automatically. This product will help you to send necessary FB notifications to the subscribers anytime you want. It can create social media posts automatically. And it can create an opt-in popups with multiple fields.

Amazing License Pricing and Coupon

If you compare this product with the other similar tools, you will understand that why it is so powerful. Because of lots of advanced features, this one is highly recommended. But the most impressive thing is, still the price of Absolute Jacker is completely affordable. As of 7 June 2016, the one-time fee of this plugin is only $19 without including the coupon. The regular price of this product was $37 and not it is more affordable. No hidden cost for monthly fee will be charged to you after paying the money once. And another thing will make you more impressed on Absolute Jacker. Actually the license of it can be used in ten different websites. So it is not fair to think about any other tool now.

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