7Shifts Coupons, Discount Codes | August 2022 Promo

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7Shifts Coupon

7Shifts Review and Benefits

7Shifts offers the users to schedule the events and increase engagement in a short amount of time. The program allows the users to easily schedule the restaurant booking which will work smoothly for the users. This software has the drag and drop option which enables the users to factor the overtime, availability and also regional items as well. So it is going to be much easier for the users to do restaurant scheduling and appointing. So, acquire the reviewed cloud based restaurant scheduling software with coupon and obtain the 7Shifts discount.

Highlights of the Software

7Shifts allows making a shift for workers alongside with their availability in the restaurants. As a result, users do not need to schedule the workers manually. The software takes a lot of things into account while making a schedule for workers. It takes accountability of labor laws, availability and many more factors. So that the final schedule of the work has fully complied with policies. 7Shifts will send to the workers through mobile or email updates. So that workers can schedule their activities around the working schedule of the restaurants. As a result, there will be less confusion and less manual work to be done.


According to stats users will be able to save 80 percent of their time that they spend on making employee schedule. It also provides the built-in chat form so that users can keep their clients informed all the time all the moments. These group chats will enable the users to do direct messaging. Users also can do many different announcements in the built-in chat as well. The chat will allow sharing images, photos, gif, and many other media files. As a result, it will be easier to communicate about a particular situation about the restaurant with employees. The program also draws the real-time leaderboard so that users can see the most active and engaging and active employee and least most active employee as well.

Optimize Operations

7Shifts allows the users to optimize the operations of labor by increasing the functionality. It has the weekly labor budget tool which will enable users to keep the labor budget on the check all the time. The dashboard also included with the reports as well to see the activity of the labors on the monthly basis. One of the advantages of it is that users will be able to bill the employee according to their working time provided. Users will be able to track down real-time labor-management optimization.

7Shifts Coupon and Pricing

7Shifts has a monthly pricing package that ranged from 19 dollars up to 77 dollars except the coupon. The program has an annual package that is priced from 17 dollars up to 60 dollars. The entrée package is provided to enter unlimited employees to the site. It also has the post-trial service as well.

So, Please get with 7Shifts coupon and purchase the cloud based restaurant scheduling software with discount.