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10xDrive Discount

Online storage apps are essential to create and store backups of websites, personal data, and business data. 10xDrive is a new, effective, and affordable online storage app. It comes with tons of essential features.

Review of 10xDrive

There can be so many issues why a website may get damaged. All these issues cannot be solved by even some strong apps. That is why, we suggest to create and store backups of websites or web files. Similarly, business data and personal data should also be backed up as well. In doing all these things, you will need a big storage and an online backup storage app. 10xDrive comes with both these things. Hence, please gain the reviewed best cloud storage services with discount and obtain the 10xDrive coupon.

Completely Safe Storage

We know about different types of online storage apps. All these platforms come with online storages. But, only a few apps provides completely safe storage. 10xDrive comes with 1000 GB online storage space. Along with very strong security programs, it has an efficient trash recovery solution. That is why, its online storage is completely safe. Nowadays, there are various online threats. For this reason, a single stage log-in system is not safe anymore. This solution comes with a two-stage log-in process with the OTP. You can also use the Google Authenticator to make your storage safer to access. 10xDrive is also helpful for sharing saved files. You are allowed to share these files with team members and friends. Even, password protected links can also be saved with ease. These links can be accessed only if anyone can put the right password. This solution also allows to set an expiry date for a shared link.


Easy Backup

As an online backup solution, this software is capable of storing the backups of any website. Nowadays, WordPress is very popular for generating all kinds of websites. WordPress users will get more facilities while using this solution. It provides a WordPress plugin for creating backups automatically. After that, you just have to put only one click to store all these. Similarly, 10xDrive is suitable for storing all kinds of personal and business data. All these backups will be secured by a built-in safeguard.

10xDrive Discount and Pricing

To enjoy 1000 GB, you have to get the Premium License of 10xDrive. There is no need to pay a big amount to access it. As a launch time offer, you have to pay only $97 to purchase the Premium License without the discount. Some people may not need to have such a large storage space. The Basic License is suitable to them. This one can be bought by accessing only $47. You don’t have to pay any monthly recurring fee to access any of these licenses. Just enjoy once, and use it for 10 years. More importantly, a 30-day money back guarantee is available with both these 10xDrive licenses.

Therefore, please get with 10xDrive discount. Afterall, purchase the best cloud storage services with coupon.