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The Gray Center established as a coupon and deal website in the beginning of 2016. In its 3 year journey, we have published thousands of deals here. In addition to providing offers, we also review the product. And the reviews are written by our own review team. If you liked our site and want to share your valuable opinion, please feel free to contact. You may contact us The Gray Center with our contact page. We love to hear from our valued customers.

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About Our Business

As mentioned, our aim is to provide the cool deals to our customers. In order to provide this, we provide coupons and cashback as well. We send the cashback to PayPal only.

Currently we are not accepting new coupon submission from our customers. But in future, if we allow it, we will declare it in our homepage. Also we are not accepting advertisements at this moment, but if we allow it, we will also notify this. The same applies for guest posting.

Product Reviews

There are different types of reviews. Some reviews are for the features of a product. Nowadays, we see that the professionals provide reviews on unpacking a mobile phone or other electronic products. And, after several months, they provide reviews on the performance of that device. In the cases of these devices, video reviews are very useful. But, some other digital and physical goods demand written reviews. You can create both these reviews with ease.

First of all, let’s see how to create a video review. This content can easily be created with PowerPoint and any other video creating tools. So many companies offer lots of PowerPoint video templates. You just have to open one of these templates and make some necessary customizations. For example, you have to offer a suitable title and an introduction about the product. Then some, special features of that should be mentioned. At the same time, it is very important to mention some cons and pricing. While generating a video review, only adding some texts is not enough.

Some suitable icons, images, animations, and music backgrounds are necessary to make a video review more useful. Compared to a video content, a text review is easier to create. In this case, only Microsoft Word is enough to write down a review. Then, you can easily copy and paste that on different review sites. Similarly, websites of most of the manufacturer companies of different products allow its customers to post reviews.

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