A Small Orange Review | Fast and Reliable Website Hosting

We all know that the hosting services are needed for the websites if you want to get maximum output from those websites. To help you about the hosting, there are so many companies in this world.

Some of those are completely reliable and some are not at all. If you are confused about choosing the right one then A Small Orange can be your first choice. This company is reliable, useful and also very popular.

Overview of A Small Orange

Sometimes it is very confusing to choose the perfect company for the hosting services for the websites. There are so many companies which provide this type of services. But many of those do not provide all types of hosting facilities. If you are looking for such company which can provide all types of hosting services then you can choose A Small Orange. This company has achieved huge popularity in the hosting field.

Services of This Company

The VPS hosting service of this famous company because this is one of the most popular services of this company. Most attractive thin is you will get ten different packages for this type of service and that is why VPS hosting of this company is friendlier than that of some other companies. For this service the server of your websites can be controlled by the operating system and you will be able to use different software and applications for that. You will be allowed to use minimum one to maximum six cores with maximum 250 GB storage and 2200 GB bandwidth.

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Features of the Company

Dedicated servers will also be provided by A Small Orange. This type of servers can be leased to your clients but cannot be shared with others. Four different packages are available for this type of servers. The processor qualities of the different packages are different. So you have to choose what typed of processor you need. You can get maximum 32 GB storage space. Another type of provided the server is the Hybrid Servers which include 2 to 4 cores and Maximum 450 GB disk Space. Most attractive things is you can get maximum 2.5 TB bandwidth and you will be able to transfer and load many web files very easily and quickly. This company also provides some other facilities like the Reseller Hosting and also the business class hosting. Shared hosting is also one of the most popular services of A Small Orange Company.

Business class hosting service is provided by this famous company. A Small Orange will help you to create the perfect website for your online business. When you will create a website for your online business, then proper security must be provided to the websites. This company will ensure that type of security. It provides 3 packages for this hosting service and you will get 10 to 30 GB storage spaces depending on the selected package. All the packages include free SSL certificate and dedicated IP. All the tools required for creating the business websites will be provided with the packages of Business Hosting by A Small Orange.

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Other Advantages of This Company

When you will get a hosting service, then you will allow to use a specific size of storage space and bandwidth. If you want to use this storage space as well as bandwidth to host websites, then you must get the Reseller Hosting. To get this A Small Orange company will help you. So you can be easily a hosting service provider. There are also three packages are available for Reseller Hosting by using which you will able to create 30 to 100 hosted websites with 3 to 10 GB storage space.

Another type of important hosting services is the Shared Hosting which is also provided by this famous company. This is needed for you if you want to use one web server for many websites. In this case you will get five different packages all of which are very friendly. You can get maximum 25 GB storage with maximum 500 GB bandwidth.