September 18, 2014

Thank you for visiting our website!

My name is Carol Gray. I am the President of The Gray Center.

The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding (later operating for a short time under the name Autism and Social Learning International) will be closing soon. We have thoroughly enjoyed working to improve the lives of people with autism and their families through information and referral, conferences and workshops, support groups, and our bookstore.

We also have valued our role as the exclusive and official home of Social Stories. As many of you know, a Social Story accurately describes a situation, skill, or concept according to defining criteria, with a content, format, and voice that is descriptive, meaningful, and physically, socially, and emotionally safe for the person for whom the Story is developed (referred to as the Audience). The Social Story information on this website is moving soon to a new address, There, an unprecedented and continually expanding amount of Social Story information, related links, and resources will be available.

The Gray Center has historically shared the Social Story philosophy, responding to autism one person at a time. It is not surprising then, that, along with The Gray Center, many of you joined us in wishing Skylar, age 9, a Happy Birthday. Skylar has Asperger's Syndrome. She invited her classmates to her birthday party. No one came. Your response with cards, gifts, and good wishes was overwhelming and very important to Skylar. She has decided that ‘…no one should have a birthday like that.' Skylar and I will be working toward that goal in the future at Skylar, her family, and those of us at The Gray Center will long remember your thoughtful response to her birthday.

There are many people, past and present, who have been an important part of our journey as an organization. On behalf of The Gray Center Board of Directors, I want to express our appreciation for the talents and contributions of our former Executive Director, Laurel Falvo, our current administrative assistant, Melissa Andrews, and our staff members past and present. We've always had the very best people on our Advisory Board: Tony Attwood, Linda Hodgdon, Alyson Beytien, Beverly Bishop, Sam Kennedy, Kathy Maximiuk, and Barbara Newman. In addition, we are grateful for the time and talent of our former Board members, Liane Holliday Willey, Bruce Mills, and Angela Telfer, and our legal advisor, Kenneth Tiews. There are many others who have helped us as well; it is impossible to mention all of them. Last and certainly not least, though, we want to thank each of you for contacts, interactions, interest in our activities, loyal use of our bookstore, and support over the years.

We are still completing outstanding transactions as we work to close the books for the last time. If you have a current order, etc., we will be working with you as usual. Also, if you have at any time made a donation to The Gray Center, please know that all of our remaining funds and resources will be donated to a non-profit organization that serves individuals with autism, where your gifts to us will continue to have a positive impact.

Personally, I look forward to working alongside you via the soon to open Social Story website and other projects in the future. There's still work to do! You may contact me at

I wish you the very best,

Carol Gray, President
The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding