RimuHosting Discount: Get Cool Coupon and Pricing in 2018

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Enjoy excellent $10 cash back as RimuHosting discount. Please check out the RH image.

RimuHosting discount

Nowadays people are more concerned about hosting services. No matter what is the type of a website, you have to provide a necessary hosting facility. As a hosting service provider, RimuHosting can be a very good option. It provides some reliable and affordable services.

Review and Features of RimuHosting

A huge number of companies are providing different kinds of hosting facilities. But for some advanced features, some companies have become so much popular. Now the important thing is, before choosing any of these companies, you have to be careful. That means, each feature of the services should be considered. RimuHosting comes with a powerful VPS hosting. And at the same time, dedicated servers of this company are very powerful too. It provides some very impressive features with each of its products. Enjoy all the impressive RH features with our discount. The RimuHosting coupon is going to be a good deal. Some of these features are as follows:

So Powerful Hardware

Every hosting service mostly depends on the hardware used to provide it. RimuHosting use some high quality hardware to provide its services. For maximizing the VPS performance, this company offers 8 to 10 VPSs for each server core. The mainboard it will provide is of Server Supermicro X9DRi-F. It also uses 128 GB ECC registered memory. For a very high quality RAID powered processor, every customer will get very fast speed all the times. RimuHosting is very much concerned about its network quality. For this reason, it offers some very powerful data centers. These data centers are situated at different place in this world. Some of these locations are Dallas, Brisbane, Frankfurt, and London etc.

RimuHosting discount

Supports Various Apps

RimuHosting provides some servers which are capable of working with various types of apps. Actually, you are allowed to install any kind of apps on these servers. With various VPS plans, customers love to use some popular software. Some of these apps are FTP server, Plesk Control Panel, Apache Web Server, and Web-based File Management etc. A customized Linux Distribution facility is another huge advantage of RimuHosting.

RH Plans, Pricing and Discount

For the Virtual Private Servers, there are three different plans. To purchase its Budget Plan, only 15 USD per month should be paid. This license includes 4GB disk and 3895 MB memory. Popular Plan of this solution comes with 4211 MB memory and 16 GB disk space. To purchase this one, only 25 USD should be paid in a month excluding the discount. Many customers like the Large Plan of RimuHosting VPS. To purchase this one, only 35.96 USD should be paid per month as per August 19, 2017. You will be allowed to create your custom plan as per necessity. Dedicated Servers of this company are very much affordable too. A Dallas Based Single CPU server of this company is available for 259 USD monthly price. And the setup fee for this server is 99 USD. It provides sufficient amount of memory and disk space.

Therefore, please get the Linux VPS as well dedicated servers with our coupon. We hope that you are going to enjoy the RimuHosting discount.