Beyond Hosting Coupon: VPS & Dedicated Promo 2017

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Beyond Hosting Coupon

Beyond Hosting Reviews

A number of hosting providing companies are very high. But few of those are better than the Beyond Hosting. This company not only provides the hosting facilities but also some other services too. No matter what it provides, it is provided with great features. Pricing of each of the products and services is very much impressive also. They also provide very impressive support to all the customers of each of the available products. From this post, you can get idea on the features and pricing of the Beyond Hosting products.

Also there is discount available for Beyond Hosting Dedicated and VPS plans. The available coupon code has been mentioned.

Reliable Hosting and Servers

Beyond Hosting has achieved huge popularity by providing VPS or virtual private server hosting. For this type of service, servers of popular operating systems are used. This company provides those of Linux and Windows platforms. For the Linux platforms, there are three plans. Starter Plan includes, 512MB dedicated RAM, 50GB storage and 500GB bandwidth. The VPS2048 plan provides 2048MB RAM, 130GB storage and 1500GB outbound bandwidth. And VPS4096 has come with 4GB RAM, 200GB storage and 2000GB bandwidth. For Windows VPS Hosting, Beyond Hosting provides 4 plans and those are VPS1024, VPS2048, VPS 4096 and VPS8192. Among these VPS2048 is the most popular. It provides 2GB RAM and 130GB storage. Other plans are also very much attractive. Dedicated Servers of the Beyond Hosting are very much reliable. Among five different plans of this, DVS 12GB is the Best Value pack. It is available with 12GB memory and 200GB SSD storage. 20TB is the bandwidth offered in all the plans.

Pricing of Hosting Plans and Coupon

For Managed VPS Hosting, monthly price of the Starter Plan of Linux VPS is USD 49.99. VPS2048 is the most popular plan which can be enjoyed by v 64.99/month. Larger plan in this category is the VPS4096. The monthly cost for this is USD  134.99, without the above coupon code, prior to the 2017. Windows VPS1024 is the smallest plan for Windows VPS platform. It can be enjoyed by the USD  59.99 monthly price. Windows VPS2048, VPS4096 and VPS8192 plans are.

Dedicated Servers of the Beyond Hosting are available with five different plans. DVS 4GB is the least of them. 12GB plan is the most popular one with nominal cost of this impressive package. 24GB, 64GB and 128GB are the other plans. Beyond Hosting provides all the other products for attractive pricing too.

Other Products & Services

Beyond Hosting provides domain registration and SSL services. Backup services of this company are also very much reliable. By paying only a small amount each month, you can enjoy this. Similarly, the content delivery network of CDN of this company can be recommended to all.

Having the special Beyond Hosting coupon would be helpful to purchase various hosting plans: Starter, VPS2048, VPS4096, DVS 4GB to DVS128GB.