Trademark Information


The words "Social Story" and "Social Stories", and their uncapitalized variants, are trademarks originated and owned by Carol Gray.


"Social Stories" written following Carol Gray's Social Story Guidelines are distinctively associated with Carol Gray's name and reputation as an educator of persons with autism spectrum disorders, their parents and the professionals working with them. Among writers, professionals and parents concerned with autism spectrum disorders, the terms "Social Story", "Social Stories" and their uncapitalized variants have an understood reference to Carol Gray as the originator and chief exponent of Social Stories as effective tools in the education and counseling of persons with autistic spectrum disorders.


Carol Gray's own examples of Social Stories™, and her discussions of them, can be found in her books published by Future Horizons, Inc. and Jessica Kingsley Publishers, in numerous articles written by her for The Morning News and the Jenison Autism Journal (formerly published by the Jenison Public Schools, Jenison, Michigan), in The Social Stories™Quarterly (published by The Gray Center) and on THIS web site operated by the Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding at


No individuals, corporations, organizations or web sites other than those named above (and members of "Team Social Stories") have been authorized by Carol Gray to give trainings, or sell, distribute or publish any Story, book, compilation or other item as a Social Story or Social Stories. Designating any presentation/training, Story, book, compilation or other item using the terms "Social Story", "Social Stories" or their uncapitalized variants, without the express permission of Carol Gray is a deceptive trade practice and an infringement of her exclusive right to use those words, coined by her, to mark written materials produced by her or by licensees of her in careful compliance with her original methods and standards. Trademark infringement exposes violators to legal liability for monetary damages and injunctive remedies.


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Contacting Carol Gray about copyright questions/reprint requests:

Please note: Carol Gray reviews emails related to copyright and reprint requests and permissions on the first business day of the following months:  January, March, May, September, November.  On those days Carol will respond to as many requests as possible.  This enables Carol to respond to your requests while also preserving valuable time for projects.  We appreciate your understanding and patience.  Reprint requests for passages from any formally published book or article should be addressed to the publisher.

To contact Carol about copyright questions, please use This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and place:  ATTN: Copyright/Reprint/Permission Request in the subject box.


* We frequently receive questions about what's acceptable and what is not acceptable with regard to the use of Social Stories. Our Executive Director, Laurel Falvo, shares a few guidelines that may be helpful:


1. Social Stories™ are not intended to be sold for profit, and may not be marketed for purchase by anyone other than Carol Gray. Anyone offering to sell a Social Story™that they have written does not have permission from Carol Gray to do so, and is in violation of this trademark information. Social Stories(TM) may be shared at any time, as long as the Stories are not exchanged for a fee.


2. Only Carol Gray and other members of "Team Social Stories(TM)" are authorized to offer Social Story™ training sessions or workshops. To clarify and explain this: There are a few options available for those who would like to receive Social Story(TM) training. Click here for more information.


3. Can I publish a book or chapter with reference to Carol Gray's Social Stories™? I'd like to use this vehicle for instructing others how to use this valuable tool. We appreciate people's love for Social Stories™, as well as their desire to share them with others. However, improper use of references to Carol Gray and Social Stories™ can expose an author and publisher to the potential for legal action. We highly recommend that potential publishers and/or authors send their manuscript to The Gray Center for review prior to publishing. Due to the high volume of such requests, The Gray Center now charges a fee for this service. Contact us for more information.


4. Will a Social Story™ fix a problem behavior that my child/student is currently exhibiting? According to the guidelines and criteria for writing a Social Story™, the intent of a Story should never be to change a behavior or "fix" a problem. A Social Story™ is written because a parent or professional recognizes that an individual may be missing basic social information. This lack of information can frequently lead to behaviors or actions that are undesirable. Therefore, the use of a Social Story™ may lead to a change in behavior or actions as understanding increases, but the goal is to provide the information, not to effect change. Remember also that half of all Social Stories™ should be written to applaud an accomplishment or to provide encouragement.