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The Last Bedtime Story (That We Read Each Night)The Sixth Sense II

The New Social Story Book: 10th Anniversary Edition
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The New Social Story Book: 10th Anniversary Edition

Price: $29.95

The New Social Story Book, 10th Anniversary Edition  $34.95 Click here for a video of Carol Gray describing the topics and Stories contained in this book.

Social Stories(tm) provide REAL social understanding!

Each book purchased is autographed by the author Carol Gray!

Carol Gray developed the Social Story(tm) in 1991 to promote social understanding in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Now, nearly twenty years after their inception, Social Stories have become a standard approach for teachers and parents all over the globe, and the stories are more effective than ever!

This 10th Anniversary Edition of The New Social Story(tm) Book offers over 150 of the most requested Social Stories, each one professionally written by Carol Gray herself.

But it doesn't end there - Carol also teaches you how to write Social Stories yourself! Years of experience and trial-and-error have led to updated Story guidelines. Carol explains her fine-tuned process in the included ten-step learning module The Social Story(tm) 10.1 Tutorials - perfect for parents and teachers!

Plus, to jump-start your story-writing journey, this book comes with a CD containing each Social Story in easy-to-edit Word files! With it, you can customize story content and insert images relevant to your child or student's individual experiences. An invaluable bonus!

Table of Contents

Learning with Stories

  • I Wrote These Stories for You
  • Learning with Stories
  • The Stories in This Book



  • Change
  • The Changes that Form Our Routine
  • A Theory about Change
  • My Theory about Change
  • The Transformers around Us: Butterflies
  • The Transformers around Us: Frogs
  • The Transformers around Us: Ladybugs
  • I am a Transformer



  • What is a Mistake
  • Thomas Edison and Mistakes
  • The Mistakes Survey Story
  • The Mistakes Survey Worksheet.
  • Mistakes Can Happen on a Good Day
  • Can Mistakes Happen on a Good Day?


Me and My Feelings

  • My Story Album
  • Children Grow Kind of Slow
  • Why Do I Need New Clothes?
  • The People on Trevor’s Team
  • What is Comfortable?
  • What is Comfortable for Me?
  • Happy is a Comfortable Feeling
  • Looking for Smiles
  • Smile! Why?
  • What is Uncomfortable?
  • What is Uncomfortable for Me?
  • It’s Okay to Feel to Feel Sad, but Feeling Happy is Better
  • Everyone Has a Fort Able
  • Welcome to Fort Able!
  • The Photo Gallery
  • The Media Room
  • The Scrapbooking Room
  • The Gymnasium
  • The People on My Team
  • Com to Fort Able
  • The Steps to Fort Able


Celebrations and Gifts

  • An Invitation to a Birthday Party
  • We’re Going to a Big Family Party
  • What is a Gift?
  • Why are Gifts Important?
  • Why Do People Wrap Gifts?
  • How to Give Someone a Gift
  • How to Open a Gift?
  • Why Wait to Open My gift?
  • Learning to Stay Calm around a Wrapped Gift
  • Some Gifts are Disappointing
  • What to Think, Do, and Say if a Gift is Disappointing


People Skills and Friendship

  • How to Greet Someone
  • Why Do People Shake Hands?
  • How to Shake Hands
  • Two-Person Hug
  • One-Person Hugs
  • When It Is My Turn to Listen
  • Thanking People for the Nice Things that They Say
  • Thanking People for the Nice Things that They Do
  • Learning to Help Others
  • Helping People Who Haven’t Asked for Help
  • It’s Easiest to Help People Who Want Help
  • It May Be Difficult to Help People Who Don’t Want Help
  • What is sharing?
  • What is Respect?
  • Saying What I Think With Respect
  • Restating with Respect
  • Using “Excuse Me” to Move Through a Crowd
  • Learning to Chew Gum
  • Three Gum Manners That Matter
  • What To Do When I’m Done with My Gum
  • Games Based on Luck
  • Games Based on Skill
  • How to Lose a Game and Win Friends
  • After a Game Ends


Bullying: What to Think. Say and Do

  • Introduction to Bullying: What to Think, Say, and Do
  • What is Bullying?
  • Which Students Try to Bully Others?
  • My Team
  • Learning to Respond to Bullying
  • What to Think in Response to a Bullying Attempt
  • What to Say in Response to a Bullying Attempt and How to Say It
  • What to Do in Response to a Bullying Attempt
  • What My Team Has Learned About Responding to a Bullying Attempt


Understanding Adults

  • Adults are Children Who kept Getting Older
  • Learning to Respect Adults
  • Do Adults Know Everything?
  • Why Moms and Dads Raise Children
  • Adults Make Many Big Decisions
  • It May Not Be Fun but It Has to Be Done
  • It Was Fun but Know We’re Done
  • Permission
  • Many Adults Like to Say “Yes”
  • Three Ways to Say “Yes”
  • If the Answer Is No: A Story of Hope for Children


Home and Community

  • Moving to a New Home
  • Moving to a New Community
  • In Fletcher’s Family, Who Knows What?
  • Washing My Hands
  • Why People Take Baths or Showers
  • Taking a Shower in Ten Steps
  • Sharing a Bathroom by Taking a Shorter Shower
  • How to Take a Shorter Shower
  • The Truth About Masses
  • Restating With Respect at Home
  • What is a Babysitter?
  • My Babysitter Knows about Me
  • The Up Escalator
  • Eating at the Food Court
  • This Place is Busy!



  • Is Today a School Day?
  • Absent Today? This is Okay
  • When My Teacher is Somewhere Else
  • On a Substitute Teacher Day
  • Class Schedules
  • The Truth about Our Class Schedule
  • Learning about Directions at School
  • This Big Yellow Everyone Look and Listen Sign
  • It’s My Teacher’s Decision
  • My Place in Line
  • Learning About Respect at School
  • Using Respect at School
  • Talking to a Teacher with Respect
  • Restating with Respect at School
  • When I Talk with Respect at School
  • What is Practice?
  • Mistakes Happen on the Way to Learning
  • That’s Great! What to Do with Mistakes on Schoolwork
  • Telling My Teacher about a Problem
  • How to Make a Writing Box
  • How to Write a True Story
  • A-Okay Ways to Finish My Work
  • Good Questions for Small Group Projects
  • An Emergency? The People at My School What to Do
  • What is a Drill?
  • Why Principals Schedule Drills
  • Fire Drills at School
  • Why Schools Have Fire Alarms
  • About Tornado Drills


Planet Earth

  • “That’s Life on Planet Earth”
  • Sharing Planet Earth
  • I’m Taking a Flight
  • Who Are the Crew?
  • Who are the Passengers on the Airplane?
  • Moms, Dads, and Airplane Security
  • What Airport Officers Say and Mean?
  • Jet Way Lines May Be Slow at Times
  • Parents are Important Passengers
  • Children are Important Passengers
  • Is This Flight On Time?
  • Why Are Some Flights Delayed?
  • A Wildfire Near Our Homes
  • What Does Evacuate Mean?
  • Why Do We Have To Go?
  • People Would Rather Stay in Their Houses
  • This Evening News: A Little Bit Changed and Mostly the Same
  • Maybe I Could Do That

"Social Stories really do work. Great thought, wisdom, and talent went into this new publication. Carol, you have done it again!"

- Tony Attwood, Ph.D., world renowned expert on autism spectrum disorders


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