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teachProfessionals in the field of ASD


Laurel Falvo --The former Executive Director of The Gray Center is still providing coaching, consulting, writing, group facilitation and presentation services to the West Michigan community and around the world. Contact her company, Social Incites, LLC, for more information.



Tony Attwood - This web site is a guide for parents, professionals, people with Asperger's Syndrome, and their partners.

Carol Gray - (you're already at her web site!)


Linda Hodgdon - Linda is a popular national and international presenter who has shared her popular visual strategies with professionals and parents around the world.She is a valued member of The Gray Center's Advisory Board.


Liane Holliday Willey - It is Liane's intention to make her website a safe and enjoyable virtual 'hang out' for those interested in learning and sharing about Asperger's Syndrome.


Michelle Garcia Winner - Michelle Garcia Winner, speech language pathologist and specialist for persons with social cognitive deficits is internationally recognized as an innovative therapist, energetic and enthusiastic workshop presenter and author based in San Jose, Ca. where she runs her private practice, The Center for Social Thinking. NOTE: The Gray Center sells most of Michelle's resources in our online bookstore!


Sondra Williams Sondra is an amazing woman. She is a person with high-functioning autism, which gives her tremendous insight into the life of a person with this diagnosis. She articulates her perceptions and experiences very creatively and clearly through her writing, speaking, and poetry. Sondra is also a wife, a mother to four children on the autism spectrum, and a classroom aide to a child with ASD. Sheprovides presentations and consultations.

NOTE: The Gray Center sells Sondra's resources in our online bookstore!

booksBooks/Resources and Conferences:

Future Horizons - Future Horizons is the world leader in autism/Asperger's Syndrome publishing only because of Wayne Gilpin's son Alex. His diagnosis with high-functioning autism didn't deter Wayne, or the many others who love Alex, from enjoying the many positives he brings to the world. - is a new venture sponsored by Starfish Specialty Press, LLC. Our Goal is to provide high quality and practical information that will enable our conference participants to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder, one person at a time.


PlaySteps - Children with special needs often require extra help to learn to play with toys. The new PlaySteps® books teach constructive play, step by step and are recommended for children 3-8 years old.


Time Timer - Tangible time management is finally a reality with the Time Timer® line of products. When you need to manage time or teach the concept of time, there is no better tool than a Time Timer. You don’t need to focus on, or understand a traditional clock face to successfully use a Time Timer. This innovative tool constantly reinforces the sense of elapsed time in order to promote better time management. You see and "feel" time elapse as the Time Timer’s dial graphically shows you how much time is left. (Recommended to The Gray Center by Michelle Garcia Winner).


"Words Hurt" Poster - "Words Hurt" Poster available for schools or organizations that are promoting anti-bullying materials.


Brie Bears - To place an order for these autism awareness bears, call toll free 1-877-887-4673 or fax your request to 303-680-1398. Visit us at to see the many causes we support & learn more about us.

informationInformation and Support:

Social Incites™ is a FREE weekly email article which provides socialization insights which incite personal and interpersonal growth. It is written by our former Executive Director, Laurel A. Falvo, who also provides individual and group coaching and consulting services through her company, Social Inicites, LLC.


OASIS: Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support - As parents of children who are diagnosed with AS, we understand how essential is it that families of children diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and related disorders, educators who teach children with AS, professionals working with individuals diagnosed with AS, and individuals with AS who are seeking support, have access to information. 

Yellow Pages for Kids - Find educational consultants, psychologists, educational diagnosticians, health care providers, academic therapists, tutors, speech language therapists, occupational therapists, coaches, advocates, and attorneys for children with disabilities on the Yellow Pages for Kids for your state. You will also find special education schools, learning centers, treatment programs, parent groups, respite care, community centers, grassroots organizations, and government programs for children with disabilities. MDJunction is a health community focused on becoming a free center for Online Support Groups.

Assistance Dogs of America, Inc. - Dogs have long been considered “man’s best friend” bringing happiness and companionship to families all over the world. But some dogs are much more than companions, they are saviors to those in need. At Assistance Dogs of America, Inc. (ADAI) we locate, train and place special, highly skilled service and therapy dogs with disabled adults and children, helping our clients become more independent and providing them with a renewed sense of freedom. --A web site dedicated to all adults with Asperger's Syndrome and to those who love them and seek to understand more about our different abilities. The A.S.W.C is an online community for and by people with Asperger's syndrome. Individuals with any form of autism, parents, family and friends are welcome to join the community. Specializing in vacation respites

The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) has developed a free Individualized Education Program (IEP) Checklist iPhone application (IEP is an individualized program designed to support educational needs of school aged students with disabilities. It also helps parents of students with special needs become better-informed advocates by making IEP information easier to access.)


Advanced Sensory Educational Services, ASES, provides children and adults with Berard AIT, an educational intervention that helps reorganize the brain so that sensory and auditory processing can be improved. By listening to specially modulated music, the auditory system is reorganized to function more efficiently


Indiana Resource Center for Autism - The Indiana Resource Center for Autism staff conduct outreach training and consultations, engage in research, and develop and disseminate information on behalf of individuals across the autism spectrum, including autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and other pervasive developmental disorders.


Asperger Syndrome Coalition of the United States, Inc. ASC-U.S. - We are a national non-profit organization committed to providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on Asperger Syndrome and related conditions.


Autism in Girls Sondra Williams shares that this is a very good list serve that has over 980 families with daughters with ASD. It provides an opportunity for the families to connect. Sondra herself is very active in it as well as several other adult women on the spectrum. It's a good way to help moms and dads understand their daughters.


Center for the Study of Autism - The Center for the Study of Autism (CSA) is located in the Salem/Portland, Oregon area. The Center provides information about autism to parents and professionals, and conducts research on the efficacy of various therapeutic interventions. Much of our research is in collaboration with the Autism Research Institute in San Diego, California.


Families of Adults Afflicted with Asperger's Syndrome - Our mission is to give support to the family members of adult individuals afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome. Our goal is to educate the public to the existence of Asperger’s Syndrome in the ADULT population and to bring awareness of this neurological disorder and its ramifications on the ‘whole’ family to the medical communities who are directly or indirectly involved.


Wisconsin Early Autism Project - Autistic children can improve enough to live normal lives. They can go to regular school with other children, learn academic skills like other children do, enjoy playing with them, and have best friends. This is a very different picture from what was true in the past.


National Alliance for Autism Research - The National Alliance for Autism Research, NAAR, is a national nonprofit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to finding the causes, prevention, effective treatment and, ultimately, cure of the autism spectrum disorders.

South Dakota Parent Connection, Inc.
- To empower families caring for children with disabilities with knowledge and supports to participate fully in the planning and delivery of quality educational services.

The Autism Society of America
- The mission of the Autism Society of America is to promote lifelong access and opportunity for all individuals within the autism spectrum, and their families, to be fully participating, included members of their community.


®AUTISM Independent UK - The Society exists to increase awareness of autism, together with well established and newly developed approaches in the diagnosis, assessment, education and treatment. The main goal is to improve the quality of life for persons with Autism.


Autism Links Worldwide A valuable resource for worldwide links to autism resources.

University of Kentucky - Great downloadable handouts about a variety of topics


PsychNet-UK Autism Links - This site contains a good list of autism-related links for a wide variety of topics.


HunnyBee's ® Autism Support Australia & International - Check out this site for information, resources, and support on autistic spectrum disorders.


Autism Today - Another good site for information, articles, and links.


Advanced Sensory Educational Services, ASES, provides children and adults with Berard AIT, an educational intervention that helps reorganize the brain so that sensory and auditory processing can be improved. By listening to specially modulated music, the auditory system is reorganized to function more efficiently.



Asperger Syndrome Resources - The College Internship Program at The Brevard Center Melbourne, Florida,, (for students with Asperger Syndrome and Non Verbal Learning Differences).


The College Internship Program at The Brevard Center - The College Internship Program at the Brevard Center provides individualized, post-secondary academic, internship and independent living experiences for young adults with Asperger's Syndrome and Nonverbal learning differences.


Friends Club - A list of children and young adults with Asperger’s Disorder, High Functioning Autism, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder-not otherwise specified. The primary goal of the club is to provide opportunities to locate others with similar interests and abilities who may wish to become friends, set up play dates, or create formal social skills training groups. Casual family activities and meetings will also be arranged for all participants to meet in person. The group is not limited to Oakland county residents, however, members should be within driving distance of Oakland County. There is no fee for this service.


Autism Society of America/Oakland County Chapter - The Mission of the Autism Society of America, Oakland County Chapter is to foster knowledge, promote awareness, provide information and opportunities related to educational, medical, social and life skills issues for families and individuals with autism spectrum disorders, and to promote awareness to the general public in and around Oakland County.


Learn the Signs. Act Early - Visit the "Learn the Signs. Act Early." website for information about childhood developmental milestones and delays. You'll be able to track the developmental milestones your child should be reaching, see how milestones change as your child grows, and download fact sheets on developmental milestones for children from 3 months to 5 years, along with information on developmental screening and developmental disabilities.


The 411 on Disability Disclosure: A Workbook for Youth with Disabilities designed for youth and adults working with them to learn about disability disclosure. This workbook helps young people make informed decisions about whether or not to disclose their disability and understand how that decision may impact their education, employment, and social lives. Based on the premise that disclosure is a very personal decision, the Workbook helps young people think about and practice disclosing their disability. The workbook does not tell a young person what to do. Rather, it helps them make informed decisions about disclosing their disability, decisions that will affect their educational, employment, and social lives.


Healing Thresholds is a free website and email newsletter dedicated to healing the lives of families touched by autism. We provide comprehensive therapy fact sheets, daily updates of autism therapy research and news, and a global directory of autism-related therapists and services.


If you would like information in Japanese, or would like to order materials in Japan, you can visit our friends at



articles2Articles Worth Reading: An article from the National Institute of Mental Health providing detailed information about ASD


Understanding Friends - Understanding Friends is designed to be presented to classes of students in the elementary and middle grades. Adaptations are made for older classes. This article contains lesson plans and a list of supplies that you will need. After fifteen years of presenting this program to thousands of students, I have found that it is most effective, in most cases, to go beyond the generic program and to discuss specific issues, giving accurate information about real students. The two options (B and C) will help you with this.


Asperger Syndrome: Through the Lifespan - an article by Stephen Bauer, M.D Meeting the Challenges of Adolescence: A Guide for Parents


Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome Independent Living Association - This site describes jobs which Autistic and Asperger Individuals have held.


Attacking Asperger's Syndrome: Practical Parenting Solutions - This Web-Book is intended to give parents a plan for how to face your child's challenges and lead him to a lifetime of successes.


Autism:Recognizing the signs in young children - Do you have concerns about your very young child, and whether he or she has an autism spectrum disorder? Check out the following article entitled: Autism: Recognizing the Signs in Young Children, at It gives a broad overview of information, and points out the need for early intervention and monitoring of progress.


McMurray A.R.T.S. Center and Autism Arts - To show our appreciation of the passionate endeavors of advocates throughout the world, we are initiating a special contest -- the Autism Arts Conference Connection (AACC), where winners may select the conference they wish to attend.

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To find more information about organizations in and around West Michigan (The Gray Center's "Community Network"), click here.

linksAdditional Links:

Help Us Learn - A complete self-paced training program for preparing parents, educators, students, teachers, therapists, service providers, friends & family to use Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programs to work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, PDD, & other developmental delays.

Do2Learn - Do2Learn offers information, activities and strategies that will help each individual reach his potential for communication and meaningful involvement in the world in which he lives. **Now has a free, interactive program which helps people to identify emotions and facial expressions!