What is Autism/Asperger's?


People with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) characteristically have very individual diagnostic profiles with symptoms falling in the areas of communication, socialization, and imagination/restricted interests. Most notable is the impairment in communication and social interaction, a far-reaching challenge which impacts daily activities and relationships at home, school, and work.

How is The Gray Center unique?

Approaching the "social impairment in ASD" as a shared impairment, The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding works to improve social understanding on both sides of the social equation.By providing information and support, The Gray Center serves the social needs of people with ASD and those working on their behalf.


Cultivating Strengths:

It's important to recognize that people with ASD, although they are typically identified as such through their challenges, also have many strengths! Often they are loyal, dependable, honest, have unique interests, and an excellent memory for facts and statistics. Each individual also has a unique personality, interests, abilities, hopes, and dreams. We work to cultivate the strengths of individuals with ASD and those who interact with them, and to assist everyone in building and maintaining effective social connections!


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Are you new to the diagnosis?

HOE03Individuals new to a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders may appreciate the publication, ASD to Z, by Laurel A. Falvo (formerly Laurel Hoekman). This small booklet provides basic information about the diagnosis and available services and resources, along with encouragement and hope for those living with the diagnosis. This is also a great resource to give to grandparents, teachers, neighbors, and childcare providers!


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